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Lawyer Jeff Herman hired by Weinstein alleged victims, was accused of brutal rape

Par AnnieS

Lawyer Jeff Herman hired by Weinstein alleged victims, was accused of brutal rape

Jeffrey Herman The 57-year-old attorney, Jeffrey Marc Herman, specialises in representing victims of sexual abuse, and is most known for exposing the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Miami, and the Archdiocese of Denver. This time around, he is once again in the spotlight for representing Harvey Weinstein’s alleged victims, actresses Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett, who are accusing the Hollywood heavyweight of sexual harassment.

However, it was recently revealed the lawyer was himself subject to serious rape accusations against his young female receptionist in 1998. Ironically, the crime occurred when Herman was evolving his practice from low-profile commercial litigations to sex-abuse scandals, which has since then remained the firm’s principle activity.

At the time of the alleged rape, Herman was the owner and managing partner of Herman Law Firm. At 39, he was twice as old as the then 19-year-old receptionist who had only been on the job for two months, after moving to Miami from the small-town home she had solely known until then.

In a detailed seven-page statement given to the police, she affirmed Herman removed her clothes and violated her with his hands and penis : "I began to let him know that I didn’t want to do this and that it wasn’t right". After taking off his trousers, she stated that he put his head between her legs, grunting “I want to eat you out". She begged him to stop, squirming away. When she refused, he insisted she pleasure him with her hands, placing them on his penis, ordering her to “just finish me off”.

After completing their investigation, detectives recommended Herman be prosecuted under the Florida rape statute, however the charges were strangely dropped after Broward County assistant state attorney Dennis Nicewander cited "insufficient evidence".

In 2014 Herman’s reputation was tarnished once again after he accepted to represent the now infamous Michael Egan who accused television executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman as well as X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexual abuse. The case crumbled when it was revealed young actor Egan was a master manipulator and fantasist. The actor has since been prosecuted to 2 years in prison for his string of lies.

Ancier and Neuman counter-sued Herman alleging malicious prosecution, claiming this had been a “very public campaign by Mr Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats or sexual assault charges”.

The reason why ? Between 2014 and 2017, Herman was the debtor in four important federal tax frauds, a foreclosure action against his Boca Raton property, a credit due to American Express worth $66’019, and at least 12 civil cases against him, amongst others.

Extraordinarily, Herman’s licence to practice law in Florida was even suspended for 18 months in 2009, and in 1998, Judge Marsh of the Oregon District Court sanctioned Herman permanently from his courtroom following findings of alleged misrepresentations and other claims of misconduct.

This begs the question, what are Herman’s motivations for representing actresses Kadian Noble and Dominique Huett against Harvey Weinstein ?

One can only assume this is merely a publicity stunt to regain an ounce of positive public image.

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